Skin Resurfacing: Non-Ablative – Facts and Figures



Non-ablative skin resurfacing addresses the upper layers of skin, without damaging it.

Skin Resurfacing: Non-Ablative – Outpatient Surgery
Description: Removal of the superficial upper layers of the skin without causing wounding.  Microdermabrasion uses vacuum suction and fine abrasive crystals to polish the skin.  Dermaplaning involves careful scraping with a fine scalpel.  Chemical peel solutions include glycolics, low-concentration TCA, retinoic acid or amino acid combinations.
Average Cost: $150 – $300 per treatment
Length of Surgery: 30 minutes
Anesthesia: None.  You may request a topical numbing cream prior to treatment if you are exceptionally sensitive to pain.
Recovery Time: None, although skin may be slightly pink or red for a few hours after treatment.
Treatment Frequency: May be repeated weekly, monthly, or asyour doctor advises to maximize results.
Risks: Irritation, irregular pigmentation, persistent redness, possible wounds and scarring if performed incorrectly.
Duration of Results: Temporary, but results continue to improve with repeated treatment.  Sun protection is essential to maintain results.

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