Should I Alter My Breasts Using Reconstructive Surgery?

Breast SizeThere are many options available today for men and women to surgically alter their appearance. Each one of us is different and should be happy and confident in the way we look. When deciding on a surgery of any kind it is most important that we ourselves are comfortable with our appearance.

Breast implants and reductions are very popular procedures. This week we will be discussing these types of surgeries as they pertain to cancer. The question is, should I alter my breasts? Is there a health risk in doing so?

Our expert contributor and breast cancer survivor, Jessica Stone Baker, shares with us her decisions about havingĀ reconstructive surgery after her mastectomy.

“I am a 37 year old breast cancer survivor living with a tissue expander in my left chest where my breast used to be. I had a mastectomy in January 2011. After my diagnosis of advanced breast cancer, I chose to have a mastectomy with reconstruction. When my treatments are completed, I will have a surgery to add an implant and create symmetry between the breasts. My body felt much more balanced when the temporary implant was filled to my normal breast size because all of my muscles were used to carrying that tissue.

I chose the mastectomy because it guaranteed me the highest chance of non–recurrence of my cancer. My plastic surgeon offered me the choice between a saline and silicon implant. I chose the silicon because he asserted that the problems which came up in the nineties regarding leakage/breast cancer were not upheld by any research and the silicon implant has been improved.

His work is over 50% breast reconstruction from mastectomy. The saline implant is still housed within a silicon container and the expander I have inside me now is silicon. The choice for implant, whether or not it’s medically related, is a choice for each woman to make without any guilt or shame. Connect with your inner wisdom, and choose what will make you feel best inside about yourself while equally considering what will support ultimate health and wellness for your body.”

Jessica Stone Baker, BA, NCTMB, AOS, RMT, RYT, NAMA Ayurvedic Practioner, The Mindful Body

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