Plasma Resurfacing – Facts and Figures



This is another energy-based treatment that can improve collagen production and skin tone.

Plasma Resurfacing – Outpatient Surgery
Description: An energy-based treatment that uses nitrogen plasma energy to restructure collagen and resurface the skin on the face and body to improve skin tone, texture, and discoloration.
Average Cost: $2,400 – $3,500
Length of Surgery: 30 minutes
Anesthesia: Topical; an oral sedative may be given to reduce anxiety; some physicians use nerve blocks.
Recovery Time: Expect skin flaking, redness, and swelling for 3-5 days.
Treatment Frequency: A single high-energy treatment or a series of low-energy treatments.
Duration of Results: Like any resurfacing treatment, the duration of results varies based on how quickly environmental factors and aging produce new surface irregularities.  The extent of improvement is also unpredictable.

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