Microabrasion – Facts and Figures

White Teeth


Microabrasion gives the appearance of whiter teeth and can be used as an alternative to bleaching.

Microabrasion – Outpatient
Description: A safe, minimal treatment to correct discolored teeth, usually used when stains are restricted to the enamel layer and bleaching has proven ineffective.  The dentist applies a mild acid compound, then gently scrubs out the stain with a textured polisher.
Average Cost: $100 – $285 per tooth
Length of Procedure: 1/2 hour per tooth
Anesthesia: None
Recovery Time: None
Treatment Frequency: 1-3
Risks: None
Duration of Results: Depends on diet, tobacco use, and consistency of dental maintenance.
Inside Tip: Although microabrasion can get rid of many stains, if the technique does not work well enough, be prepared to have the dentist mask your tooth with direct bonding, a porcelain laminate or a crown.


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