Limited-Incision Face Lift – Facts and Figures

Face Lift


This type of face lift involves a smaller incision to address sagging facial skin.

Limited-Incision Facelift – Outpatient
Description: Limited techniques for surgical rejuvenation of the face that involves a shorter incision to elevate sagging tissues mostly in the midface and may involve the use of an endoscope.  Procedures may redistribute or remove facial fat and can provide a limited reduction of excess sagging skin.
Average Cost: $4,000 – $20,000
Length of Surgery: 1-4 Hours
Anesthesia: Local with I/V sedation, or general
Recovery Time: Back to work in 5-14 days depending on the technique and extent of the procedure.  Swelling, bruising, and stiffness may persist for 3-4 weeks.
Treatment Frequency: May be repeated, but a full facelift may be necessary as aging progresses.
Risks: Nerve damage, hematoma (collection of blood under the skin), asymmetry,irregular scar formation, complications related to anesthesia.
Duration of Results: Longevity of results varies according to procedure.   Results do not mimic full facelifts.
Essential Questions: 1. What limited technique do you recommend for me?
2. What is your experience with this technique?
3. Where will the incisions and resulting scars be located
4. Will a limited facelift alone achieve my goals, or are other procedures recommended?
5. What type of anesthesia do you recommend and who will administer it?

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