Injectable Fillers – Facts and Figures



Injectable fillers have become more popular within the past few years as a quick and effective method of regaining a youthful appearance.

Injectable Fillers – Outpatient Surgery
Description: Soft-tissue filler is injected to enhance soft-tissue volume, recontour the face, diminish wrinkles, fill in depressed areas as well as cellulite dimples.  These can be temporary collagen- or hyalronic-acid-based injections, or longer-lasting injectables with microscopic particles that stimulate collagen deeper in the skin.
Average Cost: $500 – $2,000, depending on treatment area.
Length of Surgery: 15 minutes to 1 hour
Anesthesia: Local
Recovery Time: 0-10 days, depending on filler and area treated.
Treatment Frequency: May require only 1 treatment; semipermanent or permanent fillers may require more than 1 treatment to achieve desired results. Results will diminish if treatment is not repeated once the filler begins to reabsorb.
Risks: Temproary bruising, swelling, possible infection.  Semipermanent and permanent fillers may migrate or cause lumpiness and granulomas.
Duration of Results: Temporary fillers last from 3-6 months or more; semipermanent fillers last 2 years or more.  Permanent fillers are permanent and can only be corrected through surgical removal.
Inside Tip: Some injectables like Sculptra contain lidocaine (to numb the area), which allows for them to be used without a topical anesthesia.

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