Simple Solutions for a Healthy Smile

SmileWe must take care of our teeth to maintain a healthy smile. Don’t overlook the basic steps we need to keep up with on a daily basis. These might seem like no-brainers… but, the fact remains that these tips are the best way to care for your teeth.  Make sure you are using the right tools and the right technique for a beaming, healthy smile.

Learn if you’re checking off all the right tasks on your to-do list when it comes to dental hygiene.

Common Mistakes We All Make with Our Teeth

With all the wonderful technology that we have the basics that is brushing and flossing is still number one when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. We have moved away from regular tooth brushes and now recommend the sonic care type tooth brush. It is the best we have found and will make you feel like you have just had a dental cleaning (well almost).

Next is flossing and this is usually not done correctly. The goal is not to pop food out, but to polish both sides of the teeth. That is where the bacteria lie and cause the gum tissue to pull away from the tooth.  Bacteria will eventually eat away the bone like termites eat a wall in your house. This process goes on with little or no pain and eventually you will lose your teeth.

Sometimes patients grind their teeth at night, wearing down the enamel and eventually collapsing their bite. This can be remedied with a night guard which is a piece of plastic that you bite on to protect your own teeth from wearing.

Dr Vincent Dolce, Cosmetic Dentist, Dolce Dental

The Secret Ingredient

Use SPF on your lips! In some cases, sunburn and chapped lips can lead to dry mouth and bad breath, which indicate greater oral health issues. Choose a chapstick with SPF to keep handy and apply everyday.

Dr. Steve Krendl, Doctor, Hopewell Dental Care

Make sure you are practicing good technique for a healthy smile!

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