Cosmetic Dental Procedures that Promote Beautiful Teeth

Beautiful TeethWhat if your dentist could treat your cavities without using the dreaded drill and numbing needles?  Would your visits increase?  We asked our panel of experts to provide us with the latest and greatest cosmetic dental procedures that promote beautiful teeth.  Dr. Laura Torrado suggests a new treatment released in the US last year that eliminates the need for drilling on your teeth.


ICON is a revoluntionary way to treat cavities. Instead of drilling and filling, a thin application of the resin-like material can reinforce demineralized enamel. ICON helps blend uneven colored enamel like white decalcidfication spots.

Icon offers a new approach to counteracting initial caries (cavities, or tooth decay) early without sacrificing healthy hard tissue – in only one sitting, simply, without drilling or anesthesia.

The intelligent principle: Driven by capillary forces, a highly fluid resin is applied, then penetrates into the enamel caries and blocks the diffusion paths for cariogenic acids, thus promoting the early arrest of caries in difficult-to-reach proximal areas and on smooth surfaces. Without drilling. Icon closes the gap between preventive therapies and corrective restorations.

Dr. Laura Torrado, D.D.S., F.A.G.D, Dr. Laura Torrado’s Office

Ask your dentist about trying ICON to promote healthy, beautiful teeth.

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