Brow Lift – Facts and Figures

Brow Lift


Brow lifts are similar to a full face lift, except it only addresses the brow area.

Brow Lift – Outpatient Surgery
Description: Surgical procedure to restore a more youthful look to upper third of the face, including the forehead and brow region, by smoothing furrows; may reposition hooded or lowered eyebrows.
Average Cost: $3,000 – $8,000
Length of Surgery: 1-3 Hours
Anesthesia: Local with sedation, or general
Recovery Time: Back to work in 7-10 days.  Vigorous activity in 3-4 weeks.
Treatment Frequency: Usually once
Risks: Nerve damage, infection, asymmetry, bleeding, irregular scar formation, altered hairline, hair loss adjacent to scars, complications related to anesthesia.
Duration of Results: Long-lasting, though aging and gravity may eventually affect the results.
Essential Questions: 1. Do you perform endoscopic techniques or recommend a form of coronal incision?
2. What is your experience with this technique?
3. Where will the incisions and resulting scars be located?
4. Will a brow lift alone achieve my goals?
5. What type of anesthesia do you recommend and who will administer it?

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