Breast Surgery – Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

Breast SizeDoes bigger breasts mean bigger confidence? As we discuss the reasons why breast augmentation or reduction is a decision we want to explore, it is important to ask ourselves – why are we considering it in the first place?

Our expert contributors have written us with much information regarding the benefits and risks associated with altering our breasts using a cosmetic procedure. Decidedly, our motive is the first thing to determine whether altering our breasts is a benefit or a risk, which largely depends on our answer to the question, “why?”.

Love Your Breasts!

Any woman contemplating breast augmentation (or reduction) MUST do her research: get the best available surgeon to do your procedure, and know what to look for afterwards so you can address complications immediately. Mammography is harder to do correctly after an augmentation, which may increase risk, and some women have lost nipple sensitivity. Don’t simply assume that because these procedures are common, there is no risk.

Most of all: Be completely honest with yourself about your reasons for considering the procedure. If you don’t feel valuable enough and attractive enough as you are, are you positive surgery will change that feeling? There are ways to address self-esteem for the whole you, not just one (well, two) body part(s). If you are under any pressure from another person to alter your breasts, it is worth looking at the relationship to see whether there is a pattern of “You are not good enough as you are.” It is YOUR body.

Carol Queen, PhD, Staff Sexologist, Good Vibrations

Breast Augmentation Can Be Great if You are Doing it for You!

Breast implants can be ideal for the right candidate…

The right candidate is a woman who is unhappy with her body and is doing it for herself. Augmentation is never a good idea if it’s being done to please another person or simply to attract a mate. A good number of my patients are either: women who want an enhancement because they’ve just finished having children, and have experienced related body changes; or younger women lacking in confidence because their bodies aren’t living up to what they would personally like.

There are very few risks associated with breast implants. However, patients should be advised of the possibility of scarring, loss of sensation in the nipples, hardening, or delayed breast cancer detection because an implant can block areas of the breast on a mammogram.

Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour, Board-Certified Surgeon, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group

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