Breast Reconstruction – Facts and Figures


Breast Reconstruction is often used to correct a breast that has been removed via mastectomy or disfigured.

Breast Reconstruction – Inpatient/Outpatient Surgery
Description: This procedure may include the insertion of an implant or the use of a woman’s own tissue in reconstructing the breast. Although the results will never identically match the breast that was lost or disfigured, reconstruction can remarkably improve a woman’s body image and self-confidence as well as help her feel whole again.
Average Cost: Varies depending on the technique, insurance coverage, and procedures to the opposite breast needed to achieve symmetry.
Length of Surgery: 2-10 Hours
Anesthesia: Primary procedures, general; secondary procedures, general or local with sedation.
Recovery Time: 2-6 Weeks
Treatment Frequency: More than one planned stage may be necessary to achieve a reasonable result
Risks: Bleeding, infection, asymmetry, irregular scar formation, permanent loss of sensation and loss of tissue in the breasts or donor sites; complications related to anesthesia, capsular contracture if a breast implant is used in reconstruction.

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