Breast Augmentation – Facts and Figures

Breast Size


Breast Augmentation, commonly called enlargement, involves the placement of implants that are filled with a sterile solution to increase breast volume.

Breast Augmentation – Outpatient Surgery
Description: Insertion of a saline- or silicone-filled implant to enlarge breast size, enhance shape, and/or improve asymmetry.
Average Cost: $3,500 – $8,000
Length of Surgery: 1-2 Hours
Anesthesia: General or local with intravenous sedation.
Recovery Time: Return to work in 7-10 days.  Resume vigorous activity in 3-4 weeks.
Treatment Frequency: Once, although implants may not last a lifetime and you may choose, or need, to replace them.
Risks: Infection, loss of sensation, accumulation of blood requiring drainage, contraction of scar capsule surrounding implant, deflation or leakage of implant, complications related to anesthesia.  Implants may make it more difficult to read mammograms.
Duration of Results: Long-lasting, though gravity and age may eventually alter breast shape and size.

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