Bleaching – Facts and Figures

White Teeth


Bleaching your teeth can provide whitening at a level that over-the-counter products cannot.

Bleaching – Outpatient
Description: Professional tooth whitening can be significantly more effective than over-the-counter home remedies.  The dentist polishes away superficial stains, applies a bleaching solution, then uses a special lamp or laser to optimize results.  You may also be sent home with a gel to use every day for up to several weeks.
Average Cost: In office: $500-$1,500.  At home follow-up: $200-$600.
Length of Procedure: In office: 45 minutes to one hour.  At home: 1-3 hours a day for several weeks.
Anesthesia: None
Recovery Time: None
Treatment Frequency: Usually one but stubborn staining may require additional in-office treatments or longer at-home treatment.
Risks: Worn-down enamel or large pulps (interior structure of tooth) might make teeth too sensitive for the treatment.
Duration of Results: Depends on many factors: diet, original tooth color, individual response to bleaching products, tobacco use.
Inside Tip: Teeth with stains caused by aging, antibiotics,or trauma can be treated with bleaching, veneers, or crowns.  Talk to your dentist about which treatment is best for you.

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