Arm Lift – Facts and Figures

Plastic SurgeryHow do you feel when you go to wave and that skin under your arm jiggles?

Unfortunately, it’s just part of aging and losing muscle tone. But, an arm lift surgery can smooth the appearance of the arms, while also removing loose skin and fat.

We’ve researched the topic and found out how much it costs, what the recovery is like and how long the results last:

Arm Lift – Outpatient Surgery
Description: Procedure to reshape the upper arm by reducing loose skin and fat deposits. May be performed in conjunction with liposuction.
Average Cost: $4000 – $10,000
Length of Surgery: Approx. 2-3 hours
Anesthesia: General anesthesia or local with sedation.
Recovery Time: Return to work in 2-3 weeks. Resume exercise in 3-6 weeks.
Treatment Frequency: Once
Risks: Asymmetry, irregular scar formation, infections, numbness, complications related to anesthesia.
Duration of Results: Permanent, if weight is maintained.  Aging may affect the results.
Pros: The confidence to wear short sleeves or no sleeves at all.  Feeling comfortable waving hello or goodbye without “flapping.”
Cons: A scar that generally begins in the underarm and, depending on the degree of correction necessary, may extend to the elbow.

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