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Dear Menopause, Bring it On!

Ann Sandretto


This isn’t your Grandmother’s knitting circle.

In her new book, Dear Menopause, Bring It On!, Ann Sandretto keeps it real and speaks frankly to the modern woman about menopause. 

 Face menopause with confidence as you navigate through another version of yourself.  Part personal reflection, part navigational guide, Dear Menopause, Bring It On! walks you through the challenges of menopause – the symptoms, the causes of the symptoms, the patterns that women have experienced and the advice that doctors and other experts recommend.


It’s my goal to give others the comfort of understanding menopause. I can’t promise that it makes it “easy”, but it sure does make it easier to deal with!

“I don’t want menopause to ruin my life… or even change it a whole lot.” As women, we often find ourselves with unwelcomed companions through many different stages of life.  Whether you’re plagued with symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause or Menopause, Dear Menopause, Bring It On! will help you maneuver through these times feeling healthy and beautiful.


Ann Sandretto is the woman behind and Together with her ever-growing panel of experts, Ann shares tips and secrets for gracefully navigating menopause. “Consider me your friend – the kind of friend that’s always there with JUST the right trick!”

“As menopause arrived in my life – I was ready for it.”  Join health and beauty advocate, Ann Sandretto, as she shares her knowledge and passion to help provide you with a better understanding of menopause and its symptoms.  Through Ann’s experiences you will find your strength to brave menopause and continue to reinvent an Always New You.

Praise for “Dear Menopause, Bring it On!”

 “This book is an easy to navigate guide for any woman who has experienced the physical and emotional ramifications of hormonal imbalance. I’m am very glad to have come in contact with the people who have brought you this book.” — Dr. Teri Dourmashkin

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 Dear Menopause, Bring It On!