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These women rocked the house with their good vibrations! Congratulations to the winners of our
Vibrating SSexy® Comment Contest!

ContestFelicia Hawkins

Diane Doletzky

Christine Winship

Tiffany Gallehugh


Thank you, ladies, for sharing with us and Congratulations! Enjoy your new, fabulous tee shirt and continue Vibrating SSexy®!  Thank you, again, to Vibrating SSexy® for supplying us with your stylish tees!  Keep up the good work, spreading the message that sexiness radiates from within!

Be sure to check out our current comment contest for your chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card.  We love our fabulous ladies and want to hear from you!

In What Ways Are You A Better Version Of An Always New You?

Do you vibrate ssexy?

When I heard that question for the first time I initially felt a little intimidated… and then a little saucy… and the longer I thought about what it might mean to vibrate ssexy, the more confidently I was able to answer, “Heck yes, I do!”

Vibrating SSexy® is the new code of self-confidence. It is breaking through all stereotypes and crossing all barriers to encourage every woman to vibrate ssexy using her own unique style.

AlwaysNewYou.com and Hormones-Beauty-Health.com have teamed together with Exposure Originals to promote their new brand, Vibrating SSexy®.

“We aim to show women that sexiness comes from within; it is a state of mind. To Vibrate SSexy is to exude sexiness through self-confidence. Our motto is: They Rock. We Vibrate!”

And we agree!

To celebrate this week’s series “Naturally Sexy”, Vibrating SSexy® has generously supplied us with a few of their fabulous, signature tee shirts to give away to our most loyal readers and fans. Folks, I’d say this is the makings of a contest!

Contest Details:

It’s simple! All you need to do to enter is leave your comments! For each comment you leave on articles published this week (between September 12, 2011 and September 18, 2011) on either AlwaysNewYou.com or Hormones-Beauty-Health.com, an entry will be added into the final drawing. So, the more comments you leave, the better chance you will have to win!  You can start now by leaving a comment here telling us How YOU Vibrate SSexy!

AlwaysNewYou expects its followers to be honest and respectful of one another. So, in the spirit of honesty and respect, we ask that you don’t try to take advantage of us by creating invalid or “spam” comments. Only comments that we feel are honest and respectful will be counted as an entry.

The drawing will be held and the winners announced on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

I would like to send out a giant THANK YOU to Vibrating SSexy® for supplying us with these stylish tee’s that will look so good on you! 

I can’t wait to hear from you!  Do you Vibrate SSexy?  If so, we want to hear from YOU.  Share your Vibrating SSexy® Comments and Good Luck!


  1. Pat Franco

    vibrant on the outside, such a great concept!

  2. Tiffany Gallehugh

    When I am all dressed up or just shopping;makeup on,workout and a good clean meal.Feeling pretty cause just the look I might get makes me feel sexy..I am in 40’s confident and ageless!

    • I agree, Tiffany! Wearing a fresh face and cute clothes always boost my confidence. I feel more prepared for whatever the day will bring.

  3. Tiffany Gallehugh

    Every since I had my breasts done..Had a baby at 38…I changed my diet,exercised all the time,on bio identical hormones,vitamins I feel more energized,sexy and better than any 25 year old.That is what is sexy..Feeling like you are 25!

  4. Felicia Hawkins

    Sexy starts in the mind and heart. You think it, you follow it by how you treat others and yourself, then it is manifest to all!

    • Thank you for sharing Felicia! I also think it’s very important to live true to your heart. It makes sharing with others so much easier and enjoyable!

  5. Sexy comes from knowing who you are. The more you know, the sexier you become. I’m fabulous at 40 because I know that I can take on the world! Bring it on!

    (Not to mention that I’ve recently lost 14lbs of fat, gained 9lbs of muscle and all the while lost 6 inches off myself. Greek Yogurt and swimming laps is a perfect combination!)

    • If you don’t notice your sexiness, then don’t expect anyone to feel your vibration.

      Keep up the positive mental attitude!


  6. Tiffany Gallehugh

    I got my beautiful t-shirt today.What a glorious birthday gift.Although it is not till tomorrow.Pictures will be done today.Tell how I can post a picture?

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