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Hi, I’m Ann. Want to Know My Secret?

Great! I’d like to learn your secrets too!

I have a lot of tips to help you get through the menopausal years feeling healthy and beautiful. It’s not easy and it’s not something you want to do on your own. So, consider me your friend – the kind of friend who’s there for you with just the right trick at just the right time!

Let’s Talk About Menopause

Here at Hormones-Beauty-Health.com, I invite you to join me in a discussion about menopause, hormones and topics that aren’t always easy to discuss with our friends, family and doctor. Get yourself a screenname (it’s free) and post your questions. I’ll answer, my wonderful team of experts will chime in and so will the growing community of women who, just like you, want to face menopause with grace and beauty.”

Wondering About Menopause?

10 years ago, as the world was getting ready for Y2K and worried that every computer in the world would crash – I was getting ready for menopause and dreading the idea of everything from night sweats to hot flashes to weight gain and mood swings.

I didn’t want menopause to ruin my life… or even change it a whole lot.

I Learned as Much as I Could

So, I decided to start learning everything I possibly could about menopause, the symptoms, the causes of the symptoms, the patterns that other women had experienced and the advice that doctors and other experts were recommending.

One of my best sources of information turned out to be other women… one little tip here, and a few suggestions there and in no time I had a complete guide to facing menopause.

As menopause arrived in my life – I was ready for it. I watched for signs and fought back with every trick I had learned.

When I talked to friends, they’d share stories with me, and I’d tell them about the secrets and tips I learned. After a while, I started hearing “You should write a book” and “You should start a website”. So – I did both!

My Websites and My Book

My first website was called Hormones-Beauty-Health.com. Unfortunately, “hormones” is one of those words that makes people cringe, so I changed it to AlwaysNewYou.com. There, I share lots of tips for health, beauty and retaining control of your life when menopause arrives for you. Some worked for me, some didn’t… but they may work for you!

In my book, “What Every Woman Should Know about Hormones”, I share the science behind it all.  Through my website and my book, it’s my goal to give others the comfort of understanding menopause. I won’t say that it makes it “easy”, but it sure does make it “easier to deal with”!

Tell Me What You Think

I’d love to hear what you think about the site, our experts, the daily tips – anything!

Again, it’s my goal to ease the strain of menopause for you and help you feel beautiful and healthy every day. So, let me know what’s on your mind and how I can help you!

Thank you for visiting,

Ann Sandretto